CEITON enables the planning and control of complex media productions.

The web-based CEITON main system is available via a browser including Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, IE, and is accessible from Windows, Mac, or UNIX. The Time Tracking Module and the Info Module are both available, and designed to be responsive on mobile devices. The main system can also be used on a mobile device but a richer experience is provided on a desktop or laptop, as more complex operations are available.

On June 20 and 21, our second User Group Meeting took place after a break of more than 5 years. Customers, partners and industry experts came together to discuss current developments, future plans and mutual challenges. The event provided an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing best practices in using CEITON software.

expertplace solutions GmbH announces today that it will resume its original name Ceiton Technologies GmbH.

Freie Mitarbeiter

Automated fee management improves the planning and billing of freelancers, e.g. in media productions.

Workflows intuitiv managen

The new CEITON workflow management relies on self-explanatory forms to facilitate workflows. Thanks to intuitive user guidance, the workflow tool can be used with little learning effort.

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What makes a software user-friendly and how do we conduct usability tests? An interview with our product and UX designer Maira…

Use our mobile CEITON application to check, track, plan and approve work times, quickly and efficiently capture ideas and initiate projects.

Automatic Shift Planning

Planning shifts manually for large companies takes a lot of time and is prone to mistakes. Use CEITON to automatically generate your shift plans.

CEITON Idea Management

Collective intelligence for content acquisition: With CEITON idea management, employees are involved in idea generation.

CEITON time-tracking

The new CEITON module for digital and mobile time tracking – create spontaneous holiday requests, off-site tasks, availabilities, project ideas and more in real time, and send them directly to the planning department.

User meeting in Helsinki

expertplace solutions Managing Director, Bernd Krechel, Product Manager Mirko and UX-Designer Maira meet in Helsinki with CEITON users from Yle.