CEITON enables the planning and control of complex media productions.

The web-based main system is available via a browser including Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, IE, and is accessible from Windows, Mac, or UNIX. The Time Tracking Module and the Info Module are both available, and designed to be responsive on mobile devices. The main system can also be used on a mobile device but a richer experience is provided on a desktop or laptop, as more complex operations are available.

A&E upgrades to CEITON 10.0


A&E Networks, one of the largest US cable networks, will from November be using the new CEITON Version 10.0.


With four TV channels and six radio stations, 24 regional radio stations, and the nation’s largest online media offering, Yle, Finnish public service media company, is a heavyweight in the Nordic media market with more than 2 500 permanent employees, and has been making full use of the CEITON system operationally since 2017.

Lean processes and automatic backups

Digital data is completely integrated into the modern world of work. In the digital, more and more data is stored in databases, on servers or in the cloud. But are they safe there too?

CEITON Mobile Workbench

Thanks to continuous development, we have shaped the mobile time tracking into a portable workplace – the CEITON Mobile Workbench. Starting with small but effective improvements in task management and working up to more significant calendar enhancements, permanent and freelance employees are more involved in planning and tracking than ever before.