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The new CEITON release has arrived!

We reached our first milestone in 2019 with the CEITON spring release. The new CEITON version 10.5 was delivered in June.

With CEITON you can optimize, digitize and automate the processes in your company.

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Film production team

Director Florian Arndt

Film producer Florian Arndt has his own view on the upheaval in the media landscape. He is inspired by the influence of Netflix and Amazon. In an interview with us he talked about his current project and what young viewers expect from movies…
IBC International Broadcasting Convention 2019 in Amsterdam

IBC 2019 Amsterdam

IBC 2019 is a good opportunity to get to know our CEITON software without obligation. Visit the trade fair for free with the CEITON Customer Code 14521.
How will we watch TV in the future?

Interactive Films

One of the most defining media of our century is the computer game. Now, cinema, streams and TV productions are becoming an equally interactive experience.