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MDR adopts our digital time tracking module

The Central German Broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) has been using CEITON for numerous years. In early 2021, they also started deploying our module for mobile time tracking.

Photo © Jehnichen, Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

2021 without IBC

We would have liked to meet you personally, and we hope for your understanding in these extraordinary times. Of course, you can still contact us for an appointment on a smaller scale. We look forward to seeing you at the IBC in 2022!

Current Release

CEITON Version 2021.1 was released to our first clients in May. We constantly expand our mobile application by scheduling and project planning functionalities.

Extended cooperation

We are pleased to announce that Rai, Italy’s public broadcaster, has extended its cooperation with us and our partner Accenture for another 5 years. At Rai, 800 schedulers use CEITON to assign and manage the activities, tasks and shifts for over 5,000 employees.

New users

Central Germany’s largest media service provider Media & Communication Systems (MCS) GmbH Thüringen has chosen CEITON as their scheduling system. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation the new users.

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