CEITON Technologies GmbH: Back to the roots for a stronger focus on the core product

Leipzig, March 22, 2023 – expertplace solutions GmbH announced today that it will return to its roots and revert to its original name, Ceiton Technologies GmbH. This decision reflects the company’s goal to establish a stronger connection between company and product and to reference the origins of its web-based proprietary software, CEITON.

CEITON software is a workflow management system utilized for initiating, planning, controlling, monitoring and closing projects. CEITON is known for its efficiency and reliability and is used by renowned broadcasters such as MDR, the Finnish broadcaster YLE and the Italian public broadcaster RAI, among others.

“With the name change, we want to create a stronger connection between company and product and focus our brand on our flagship product,” said Managing Director Bernd Krechel. “CEITON has been the heart of our company for more than 20 years, and we are proud to emphasize this connection through our name change.”

The decision to return to Ceiton Technologies GmbH is part of an overall corporate strategy to focus more on the brand’s flagship product and align the company with the needs of its customers.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solutions to optimize their processes and increase their productivity,” added Krechel. “By rebranding ourselves as Ceiton Technologies GmbH, we are confident that we can once again emphasize this.”

The name change will take effect immediately and the company will operate under the name Ceiton Technologies GmbH.

Managing Director Bernd Krechel


Bernd Krechel

Managing Director

Ceiton Technologies GmbH

Tel: 0341 91358330

E-mail: contact@ceiton.com