Automatic Shift Planning

Planning shifts manually for large companies takes a lot of time and is prone to mistakes. Use CEITON to automatically generate your shift plans.

Intelligent Staff Planning

Large media productions require a lot of time, personnel and paper if all shift plans are created manually. Short-notice changes can then lead to mistakes in planning by failing to comply with working time regulations.

In order to reduce the workload for planners, we have introduced automatic shift planning with CEITON version 11.0. By factoring in working time regulations, the required shifts are assigned to the employees in a fair manner. Fair means that specific working time requests and current working times are automatically computed and calculated for payroll accounting. If the requests of two or more employees are equivalent, the shifts are assigned at random. This way, we make sure that it is not always the first person on the list to be assigned the early shift. The system also considers employee qualifications and absences.

Automatic Shift Planning

Night shift at the TV studio – Auto-generate your shift plans..


„Cumbersome staff planning is finally automated through priorities and rules! CEITON version 11.0 includes system-supported shift planning. Our intelligent software makes the job of planners a whole lot easier. At the same time, HR officers retain control over their plans and only need to step in when conflicts arise.”