CEITON Idea Management

Broadcasters constantly strive to deliver individual and up-to-date content, whether for in-house productions, co-operations or third-party programmes. In order to shorten the process or acquiring new content, employees can be involved in the process of finding ideas – without extra effort.

The Idea Management feature is part of the CEITON Time-Tracking Module and has been used in production by Finnish broadcaster Yle since autumn 2018. The new sub-module fulfils two main tasks: Production ideas can be seamlessly transferred into a workflow, and it can also be applied in the process for acquiring rights of use.

Idea Management for In-House Productions

The Idea Management feature allows you to involve employees without any knowledge in production planning in the existing CEITON system.

Bernd Krechel Ceiton Technologies

“Imagine an editor travelling by train and witnessing a tense situation. This sparks a spontaneous idea for a TV show in her. She quickly notes down her thoughts on her tablet in the CEITON Idea Management. In addition, she enters a possible target group and a budget estimate. Photos and graphics can be attached as well. Initially, the data are stored only in the user’s private account, but they can be shared with colleagues and supervisors and edited within the system. If the idea is approved, the draft is directly transformed into a production workflow. There is no need to copy anything else, e.g. from a paper notebook. This is a clear advantage compared to e-mails or mobile messengers. CEITON allows direct, targeted work which is ideal for creative planning of in-house and external commissions.”