Digital & interactive: Modern media production

We are close to the media and offer our expertise for customers in the media business. Our consultants have an overview of the entire media life cycle, from the inception and pitching of ideas, through planning, to production, then payroll and accounting, and beyond to content syndication and distribution. Our clients include the broadcasters MDR, Yle and RAI. We inform you about current trends and technologies of film, radio and television production.

Film production team

Film producer Florian Arndt has his own view on the upheaval in the media landscape. He is inspired by the influence of Netflix and Amazon. In an interview with us he talked about his current project and what young viewers expect from movies and video nowadays.

How will we watch TV in the future?

One of the most defining media of our century is the computer game. Now, cinema, streams and TV productions are becoming an equally interactive experience.

Blog post: Gamification and interactive TV

Traditional linear television is finding ways to hold its ground amidst VOD services and interactive live streams. When combined with virtual interactions, TV shows score high on memorability.

Digitization in companies with CEITON

Digital disruption is everywhere today. From the AI algorithms that recommend your viewing choices to unmanned petrol stations, it’s an inescapable aspect of modern life. So how do you keep your company’s business processes current in a disruptive world?

Blog post digital IT transformation

The Digital Revolution will not spare the TV, whether as appliance, business model, distribution structures, or viewing habits. Broadcasters should see the opportunity in the new distribution structures and interactivity to reinvent themselves.