Seamless Digital Transformation for Large Companies and SMEs

Digital disruption is everywhere today. From the AI algorithms that recommend your viewing choices to unmanned petrol stations, it’s an inescapable aspect of modern life. So how do you keep your company’s business processes current in a disruptive world? You can try to buck the trend and ride your luck or you can get with the program and embrace the Digital Transformation.

Digitization means the interlinking of information, the networking of people through digital technology and at the same time the automation of processes and business models.

While so many of have embraced digital media in our personal lives to keep in touch with family and friends, the work environment often lags behind. Perhaps a tablet might be used instead of an actual clipboard as digitization starts with the conversion of paper documents into digital ones. However, using digital media instead of paper for each work step in a process is to miss the full potential of digitization. When introducing new digital tools , companies should take the opportunity to rethink and reorganize their overarching process workflows.

What Does Digital Transformation in Companies Look Like?

Many companies still enter data in Excel spreadsheets. Nowadays this data can often be automatically streamed through an interface and processed automatically, for example in a payroll system. Digital forms in public administration, digital patient data in hospitals, digital inventory and supply tracking and automatic re-ordering are obvious enhancements.

Our workflow software CEITON has been specifically developed over the past decade and a half for flexible process optimization in large media companies, such as TV stations, and in SMEs such as production and post-production studios. Production chains, delivery times, shift assignments, customer management and content management are all interlinked and run digitally in real time. CEITON ensures that the right task is delivered to the right person at the right time and provides all the important information needed to fulfill the task. The system identifies any errors or overlaps (for example in orders or in duty rosters) and flags them up instantaneously.

Digital Content Production in Media Companies

One trend from NAB 2018 will remain in focus at IBC 2018: TV goes online. Digital transformation in media companies is urgently needed for their survival. When our customers implement the CEITON system, they are not only ensuring that documents and analog work steps are digitized, but that process flows are optimized for digital work.

Large media companies appreciate the scalability of CEITON as we can handle large amounts of data and complex workflows easily. Medium-sized production and post-production companies with their small-scale processes benefit from the unique application interface logic. Relevant data is automatically passed to payroll and billing systems. So CEITON spans an end-to-end process from the customer order through content production, all the way to delivery and accounting.

A Production Line of People and Systems

Think about how you organize your office. Does the work travel in a straight line from one desk to the next? Do customer orders come in one door and the finished products go out another door at the far end? Probably not, because content creation is not like an assembly line.

And yet, the work can be considered as a logical sequence of steps, each step building on the steps that have gone before. This is how CEITON allows you to organize your work. Workflows are presented in 3-D so you can visualize the sequence and see at a glance the current status of any order in the system. Employees can see their tasks on a single screen, rather than sprawling across spreadsheets, emails, file systems, post-it notes, etc.

There is no reason to fear the Digital Transformation and the change in the familiar work environment, as in the creative media industry, computer systems help with the creation and distribution of content and lead to easier data processing and archiving, better and faster communication with suppliers and customers, fewer operational errors and huge time savings through smoother processes. Bottom line is, digitization ​​ensures higher profits.

Perfect Preparation through Training and Workshops

To facilitate the transition from analog to digitally optimized work on our platform, we help staff to get with the program in training sessions and workshops. User training courses at our office or at the customer’s facilities are a standard part of our offering. With the help of our BPM optimization consulting and the training courses, we create the perfect framework and initiate an important push for the improvement of operational workflows during the implementation of CEITON. And as your employees will have more time to spend on the creative tasks that actually add value to your products and less time-consuming bureaucratic paperwork, it’s a win-win situation.

Blog by Mechthild Widemann