Red Bull Media House rolls out Scheduling and Workflow from CEITON

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After a test period of several months with the biggest scheduling systems, Red Bull Media House (RBMH) decided on the Workflow and Scheduling System from CEITON. The solution does not just cover globally distributed scheduling but also production processes that are automated and controlled by workflows.

Salzburg and Leipzig, Apr 1, 2011 – In October 2009 a new channel “ServusTV”, which wanted to set new standards in content as well as technology, began broadcasting from the Alpine-Donau-Adria region. ServusTV is just one of Red Bull Media House’s several activities, which will use solutions from CEITON for its workflow and scheduling requirements into the future.

The integration of CEITON for Red Bull Media House covers the ServusTV channel as the first step and will subsequently be rolled out across the entire Red Bull Media House. In the final step, additional production workflows will be assembled and interfaces for integration into the existing IT environment, e.g. equipment hire etc., will be implemented using the CEITON EAI module.

“The openness to integration and configuration contributed to our decision for the system from CEITON technologies. We can modify the platform according to our requirements and we have, in CEITON, a competent partner beside us”

Andreas Gall, CEO of Red Bull Media House

Gerald Schwaiger, external project leader from Media Solutions Consulting GmbH and Administrator at RBMH summarizes his experience with CEITON as follows:

“The CEITON system’s flexibility enables the system administrators to react quickly and simply to the wishes of the user and the company. The open interface landscape and the integrated system automation allow flexible mapping of the different workflows. Cooperation with the CEITON team works perfectly and the commitments we made on dates and functionality were always adhered to – with quality you can trust.”

Requirements and Solution

A scheduling system was needed for planning the globally distributed resources in the different Red Bull locations but also for the globetrotting production teams. The CEITON system was already a good candidate because of its 100% web-capability, which allows everyone to perform the most challenging scheduling tasks, such as offer costing, team planning etc., through the standard web browser. CEITON’s patented web technologies also make complex drag and drop, windows and 3-D visual interfaces possible.

The main reason for the decision was ultimately CEITON’s workflow approach, says Juergen Schuldmaier, CTO of RBMH.

“Scheduling is always embedded in a process and this can only be modeled meaningfully without media discontinuity by a Workflow System. The process consists of planning, costing, initiation, approval, commissioning, scheduling, booking, implementing, accounting and evaluation. The core work step scheduling is so tightly bound into this process that double booking and manual coordination are avoided and instead all resources can participate in the process in real time, independently of location.”

Also the workflows which RBMH wants to model in the future were important for the decision for investment as the CEITON system utilizes not just those users in the scheduling area but also arbitrarily many additional employees who can be supported through future workflows.

Benefits for Red Bull Media House

Using the CEITON system enables Red Bull to do timely activity-based costing of all production, precise calculation of utilization of internal resources and a central overview of the use of external resources. Additionally, the comprehensive and centralized data collection of all production activities allows any analysis required and enables a new quality of transparency with respect to processes, resources and costs. Integration of equipment hire enables comprehensive equipment tracking and the online querying of availability of equipment which is important for distributed production.

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Date: 1 April 2011

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