Biggest Finnish Broadcaster Yle Uses CEITON

With four TV channels and six radio stations, 24 regional radio stations, and the nation’s largest online media offering, Yle, Finnish public service media company, is a heavyweight in the Nordic media market with more than 2 500 permanent employees, and has been making full use of the CEITON system operationally since 2017. Not only have all Yle’s content planning work processes been implemented on the platform in the meantime, but CEITON is integrated far beyond the pure broadcasting domain, into the financial and HR systems of the broadcaster, as Yle has made a top priority of digital transformation, not only in its media offering but also in its enterprise-wide business processes.

“Since the introduction of CEITON in mid-2016 and its comprehensive integration as a central system, the platform has increasingly established itself in areas that benefit from increased transparency in cross-system processes. CEITON helps us optimize our internal and external operations, to use capacity more efficiently, and also provides relevant data for Business Intelligence.”

All permanent staff members and external employees now have access to the platform as an information portal. In the future, resources may even be automatically scheduled using intelligent system support. Yle thinks progressively and is therefore much more than a customer, but rather a partner, as Bernd Krechel, Managing Director of expertplace solutions GmbH emphasizes:

“We are extremely pleased that we have succeeded, in order to highlight the unique selling points of our platform, and to evolve from a workflow and scheduling system into an integrated portal solution for all employees. We will continue along this path in the coming years, and thereby continue to offer an attractive future-oriented solution for the future requirements of the media industry.”

About the author Kristin Prescher

Kristin joined expertplace in late 2017. She is the Head of Customer Support and Quality Management.