CEITON brings together decision-makers and schedulers from international broadcasters

First CEITON User Group Meeting: our customers visit Leipzig

We had planned this for a long time and have mentioned it several times since – the official CEITON User Group Meeting. On 06 December 2018, it was finally time. The kick-off with current CEITON software users took place on the premises of MDR Leipzig. There were also representatives of different private and state broadcasters: Yle from Finland, RAI from Italy and TV 2 from Norway. As an organizer, it was an important concern for expertplace solutions GmbH to promote the personal contact and dialogue between its customers.

“We strengthen the users of our software for future challenges in the industry by giving them the opportunity to get to know and analyse each other’s way of working.”

Customer presentations

After the official welcome, the attendees were given an insight into the working methods of their colleagues. The presentations by the participants were as varied as their corporate structure and respective use of the CEITON modules. The broadcasters explained to what extent and for which processes the PPS system is used by them. There was a lively exchange about which tasks broadcasters will have to face in the future and how CEITON can support them in their strategic focus. The relaxed atmosphere allowed honest feedback and some cheerful banter.

MDR – Leipzig, Germany

The host MDR started with an overview of their turbulent company history and went on to speak about the current situation with the CEITON system. At the location in Leipzig, around 8,000 production orders are processed per year using CEITON Workflow Management.

“CEITON is an important tool for us to create highly efficient work processes. We currently use it for about 2600 employees with different types of contracts. As you can imagine, our HR team had to work their way through large stacks of paperwork before we introduced CEITON. Using CEITON takes a significant amount of administrative work and documentation off our shoulders.”

RAI – Rome, Italy

RAI is the national public broadcasting service of Italy with 14 television channels and around 13,000 employees.

“We currently use CEITON in production for operational scheduling and supporting work processes. As next steps, in 2019, we are going to introduce request management and long-term planning.”

Visit with the Ceiton team at the customer MDR in Leipzig

The first two customer presentations were followed by a tour of MDR including a television studio, a production control room and impressive views across the rooftops of Leipzig. After the tour and lunch, the Nordic countries took the floor.

TV 2 – Oslo, Norway

TV 2 is a new CEITON customer and was the only private broadcaster in our group this year.

Yle – Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish broadcaster Yle (99.9% state) uses CEITON PPS in a complex way and deeply integrated into the company’s core systems.

“In the last years, our resource planning has been necessitating decisions at an ever-increasing pace. Should we replace equipment and capacities; should we buy or rent? With CEITON, we have now found a routine how to deal with these questions. CEITON is easy to use and does not require intensive training.”

“We have opted for CEITON in order to support our core process: Content Creation. In the course of the last twelve months, we have discovered many new possibilities to optimise our processes and workflows with CEITON.”

As part of a live demonstration, Mr. Kevin illustrated how the mobile CEITON application can be used to actively involve employees in to the workflows even if they do not mainly work as schedulers. CEITON allows direct, targeted work which is ideal for creative content planning.

CEITON roadmap and group discussion

The official programme was concluded by the presentation of the CEITON product roadmap and the future User Interfaces (design) as well as upcoming automations. In the evening, the User Group got together for a visit to the Christmas market and a relaxed finish to this informative day.

Closing remarks from expertplace solutions

In our view, it was a successful first user group meeting. We thank you for your entertaining presentations, your openness and the focused exchange of views. That is what the meeting was about. We would also like to extend grateful thanks to our host MDR for the premises, studio tour, and hospitality. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.

About the author Sarah Barnert

Sarah has been Content Manager at expertplace solutions since October 2018. She oversees our social media channels and writes about industry trends.