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IT is increasingly overwhelming people

In recent years, Information Technology (IT) has made tremendous progress: ever-improving software and hardware can produce vast amounts of output, process larger amounts of data and communicate faster. This usually leads to higher product quality (e.g. in film, TV, radio, Blu-ray and VoD) but by the same measure does not mean greater productivity. With more tools and greater complexity, production efforts are constantly growing. This stands in contrast to increasingly sophisticated customer requirements (e.g. multiple play-out formats) and demands for product to be delivered faster and less expensively.

While IT has been developing, neither human mental capacity, nor the number of hours available in a day has increased. All around the world, the individual employee's workload is increasing, which therefore leads to problems for the company. The global 24 hour 'follow the sun' distribution of production is approaching its natural limits. Already some large companies have begun to switch off their email servers after working hours to protect their employees. Google Docs can hardly replace Excel tables and more applications do not make work any easier either. And nobody needs more meetings, more emails or phone calls.

How a different kind of IT can help

Therefore, it is time to think about another category of IT. Not the IT that automates individual tasks, but the one that automates the coordination of all tasks. Hence, one that replaces meetings, spreadsheets, emails and streamlines communication. It filters the flow of information and transparently integrates systems and applications. IT that makes more time for actual tasks, that really creates value for the company and its customers. The word that should describe this IT has long been one of the most misunderstood in the media and entertainment industry: 'workflow'.

The workflow concept in IT is no more 'new' than the related concept of resource scheduling: tasks are understood in the context of an entire business process, so that coordination is largely automated. Scheduling allows accurate planning of workflows where it is always clear who or what has which tasks to do and when to do them. Just the technology has evolved: modern solutions are dynamic and flexible, they are web-based, simpler and faster to use and easier to customize. In addition, if all processes are controlled and thereby tracked, as a side result, these data can be made available for reporting in real-time.

How CEITON enables operational efficiency

You can learn more about CEITON's unique solutions around the topics of Workflow Management and Resource Scheduling! Email us to book a product demonstration at the NAB show in Las Vegas or at your convenience over the Internet. Get an overview or a more in-depth perspective at with almost 100 screenshots, graphics, videos, examples and documents.

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As always, if you want to contact us we would be glad to hear from you!

Best Regards, Russ Walker,
EVP Sales in the Americas

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