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News at NAB in Las Vegas

See the Workflow Management: Visualized video on YouTube and learn why no company nowadays can afford not to invest in its Workflows. As well as most of our clients who continuously enhance their processes based on automated Workflows, since the IBC in September new clients, such Red Bull Media House in Salzburg, Austria, A&E (History Channel etc.) in New York and Brickbox in Prague, Czech Republic, have chosen the CEITON Workflow System. Thus, CEITON is still growing strongly ten years after its foundation and investing in further research and development. Make your appointment now for your individual demo and see how other companies have optimized their processes, both locally and globally, and which opportunities present themselves to you. Call us on +1 (818) 827 7113 or mail Our booth at NAB has number 7625 and is found in the South Hall 2 (Lower Floor). We look forward to seeing you!

Human and Technical Workflows

Many companies, when they think of Workflows, think exclusively of technical processes and the connection of their systems, such as Asset Management, Encoding Farms, QC, Transfer or Playout. These processes are increasingly tied in with ERP systems such as SAP for accounting. However, the greater potential is to be found in optimizing so-called human Workflows which are coordinated internally and across department boundaries with a lot of cost and effort by mail, telephone, Excel, and through meetings. Business and production processes do not just begin at Ingest and end with Playout; rather there is a lot more complexity around the technical systems than is often assumed. Not only can internal work processes be massively optimized but so can external processes with suppliers and clients. You will see many examples at our booth and you can take away ideas on how you can structure your work to make it easier and more transparent.

Streamlined Resource Scheduling

Especially in TV and radio, resources must be efficiently budgeted, scheduled and invoiced. In this, scheduling is not a standalone function, rather it is an integral component of a process. Depending on the company, it consists of e.g. pre-planning, announcement, approval, scheduling, booking, recording actual times, accounting and many more work-steps. Additionally, not only must internal resources be planned, but sub-processes such as declarations of availability by freelancers or commissioning and paying suppliers must be seamlessly integrated. In order to get up-to-date and complete transparency of processes as well as guaranteeing 100% accurate invoicing, Workflows can be freely modeled and integrated into existing landscapes. You can see how Central German Broadcasting MDR employed the system completely independently across borders and time zones to schedule and invoice the coverage of Winter Olympics in Vancouver for the German national broadcaster ARD.

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We are really looking forward to meeting you. Best regards until then!
Felix Froede, Melanie Thormeyer, Torsten Kriening and Tobias Soppa.

Founded in 2000, headquartered in Leipzig, Germany with offices in Los Angeles, USA, CEITON develops new technologies and integrates these as valuable management solutions for customers in the media and entertainment industry. CEITONís Web Workflow PPS is the leading web-based, 3D workflow management system and is used for production planning and control in modern companies. The system improves the flow and structure of production processes, enabling companies to produce faster, more economically and to improve quality. Learn more at

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