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Existing software often does not reflect ever changing requirements. The resulting effect is departments have to coordinate their business and production processes with cumbersome spreadsheets, volumes of email, copy and paste becomes a way of life and coordination phone calls never end - a lot of manual work. The impact can cause fraying of the nerves of employees, poor visibility of project status, poor efficiency of facility utilization, susceptibility to error, profitability under performance; all things that generally hinder the company as a whole. During high season itís further magnified

I. System Automation

Buzzwords such as service-oriented architecture (SOA) and new interface standards suggest solutions that automate systems to work together and solve all workflow problems. These automated systems include file transfer systems, encoder farms, automated QC checkers, security water-markers, MAMís and play-out servers. The catch: neither SOA nor FIMS can be bought, nor do they solve the real problem. System automation is in fact important, but ultimately only a small part of the solution. With the CEITON workflow system, customers have already built hundreds of interfaces to all kinds of systems, within hours or days, according to their requirements - whether proprietary or standardized.

II. Automation of Coordination

The human elements are much more important in this process because there are more people than systems - and people are more complex than any system interface. Most creative work (be it an artist, an operator or manager) cannot be automated with any system in the world. However what can be automated, is the coordination of all tasks between humans - participating employees, customers and suppliers. The information flow about what, when, where, how and by whom, can be managed by the CEITON workflow system. Everyone is liberated from email and spreadsheets Ė they can efficiently re-focus on their primary responsibilities.

III. Planning your Resources

When hundreds, thousands or more individual tasks have to be accomplished every week, they must be planned in order to achieve optimum utilization and meet promised delivery dates. Therefore, a workflow solution must include integrated resource scheduling in which permanent and dynamically changing workflows are also reflected directly in the planning. Thereby resource bottlenecks, equipment overbooking, overtime requirements, rostering conflicts, delivery problems, etc. are immediately identified and resolved. Only CEITON provides a complete solution: workflow and scheduling - for people and systems.

IV. Financial Accounting

As practical as are technical workflow capabilities running sub-applications such as file transfer, encoder farms and/or MAM's, they have very little overview, and even less control of the entire business process. This often begins with a budget in SAP, a sales process in a CRM system, an online order, a segment in program planning system, or a tender offer to a customer. And it doesnít end with the full financial accounting of the services provided by all resources in your ERP system. No one else has dominated this balance between the technical and financial worlds in integrated workflows other than CEITON - for over 12 years your perfect workflow.

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