Brand New Mobile Time Tracking

The new CEITON 7.0 mobile time tracking app has been in live production at several customers since January 1st 2015. With the software, staff can see their schedules online from their cellphones/tablets – and easily update the company on their actual working times. The integration of CEITON time-tracking into the company’s planning, management and billing is now easier than ever.


Start (Dashboard)

With the selection of available functions in the mobile time tracking app, seen here, employees can easily record their times and independently enter work and vacation requests. They can receive and process work tasks as well as enter information, such as materials consumed, on specific tasks for later billing.

CEITON Mobile Time-Tracking: Dashboard


Simple Mobile Time Tracking

CEITON supports mobile time tracking with a simple entry per day, week or month, and a clear list of previously worked shift times. Staff, freelancers, contractors and temps can all track their times while mobile – and can also plan their future shifts and tasks in detail. Similarly, all types of out-of-office times can be easily and quickly recorded.

CEITON Mobile Time-Tracking: Shifts and Attendance


Tasks: Planning and Creation

Specific tasks, as well as attendances (shifts) and absences (out-of-office), can also be assigned to the employee with planned working times. The actual working times must then be recorded alongside. Each employee can clearly see their specific tasks on his or her device using the mobile time tracking app.

CEITON Mobile Time-Tracking: Task-List


Clear Task Details

Opening an entry shows more details on the specific tasks – in configurable and user-set levels – from simple to expert (for example to show cost centers, contact person, etc.). Comments can also easily be exchanged between the company and employee.

CEITON Mobile Time-Tracking: Project Task Details


Time Recording for Tasks

The planned settings are displayed for each task, while the actual working times can be entered. This allows both sides, employee and company, to automatically be up-to-date.

CEITON Mobile Time-Tracking: Task Actual Times


Payroll and Billing

Subsequently, the recorded times can be displayed for employees and the company. The consideration of requirements in larger companies, such as collective bargaining agreements, various overtime compensation accounts, minimum wage, or synchronization with an HR system such as SAP, can also be achieved.

CEITON Mobile Time-Tracking: Analysis and Payroll-Reports

In addition, any other list can be generated in PDF, Excel, or as an export, such as ready-made invoices, presenting projects and their phases reasonably for the customer, or confirmations of activity in hours or dollars for billing. Here are two simple examples:

Mobile Time-Tracking: Project-Report

Mobile Time-Tracking: Client-Report

This concludes our brief introduction to the new mobile time tracking app in CEITON for mobiles, tablets and PC/Macs.

The system can be used for small teams as well as for large firms: from the simplest time tracking with 10 employees, the system can be scaled up smoothly and simply to the production, planning and control of a large company with thousands of employees. The mobile time tracking software works by itself or in combination with the CEITON workflow and scheduling system, which has been overhauled with a new user-friendly design.

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