CEITON Turns 15 – Celebrate With Us!

CEITON has a milestone birthday and we want to celebrate! We have two initiatives with which we would like to thank our customers and also civil society. First, we are awarding 10 Samsung Galaxy Tabs 4 amongst our users for the best or most creative feedback, and second, we are gifting CEITON licenses to NGOs who would like to plan and organize their processes better.


A Small Retrospective

At the time of its foundation, in the year 2000 in Leipzig, there were no more than a couple of prototypes for new web-technologies available. With the emergence of our first large customers in the same year (digital images/Kinowelt), the vision of CEITON as a combination of workflow and scheduling systems quickly emerged. Just over a year later, at the end of 2001, Version 1.0 successfully went into operation.

This early vision is still the fundamental selling point of the system – from which other features, such as dynamic or adaptive capability of the platform, or the 100% web-capability and 3D visualization, are derived. And so it went on: more customers, new colleagues, other modules, more countries, new partners – and always the search for efficiency, transparency and “Seiton” (Japanese: order). But also privately, because in the meantime most of us have started a family and care for the young talent of tomorrow :)

With the following two initiatives, we wish to express our gratitude for the past 15 successful years, and look forward to what the next years will bring:


Win one of 10 Galaxy Tabs

Over the years we have had the fortune to win many terrific customers, therefore we have been privileged to work with many great people. Together we have achieved a lot – not only do we want to talk about our achievements, we also want to learn something new. We would like to invite all employees from existing customers to a small feedback competition, in which the following three questions must be answered competently and/or creatively:

  1. What do you like most about CEITON – what is of most use to you or your company, and why?
  2. What do you think is missing from CEITON, that would be of benefit to you – and what should a solution look like?
  3. What is important to you for the next 15 years of CEITON?

Text, as well as multimedia, can be sent, e.g. specific screenshots, photos of you using CEITON, video replies with specific experiences, or whatever takes your fancy. The criteria for the selection of the 10 winners is simply the usefulness to us, or the creativity of the answers. Send your answers to your CEITON rep or to contact@ceiton.com with “CEITON Competition 2015” as the subject. Closing date is July 31, 2015; prizes will be mailed before September 30, 2015 to the winners’ workplaces.

We wish you every success, and hope that a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will soon belong to you!


Free Licenses for NGOs

We often owe social progress to dedicated NGOs and their members, who strive to better the world for all of us with great financial and personal commitment, whether it be local or global human rights, animal welfare and environmental protection, economic and financial issues, health, education, religion, politics or other central issues of our time.

We wish to make a contribution (over and above any current subscriptions and the naturally limited donations of our company and its employees to a variety of organizations), as to give something back from what we all have received and enjoyed. Therefore, NGOs are cordially invited to apply for current and future CEITON licenses, in unlimited scope, for free. Costs will only be incurred, if necessary, for implementation services such as customization or training.

Whether large or small, if your organization would like to improve and automate communications and work processes, to get better reports and faster accounts, or to plan the deployment of your activists transparently and in a distributed way, it can now benefit from the free licenses – worldwide and 24/7. We look forward to your informal application with a description of your requirements or goals:

A sincere thank you for the fantastic 15 years, and we wish you good luck if you plan to take part in one of our initiatives.