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Press release about
benefits and usage of WinLIKE
Website Example with
WinLIKE windows

Web Components

1. Web Gantt Chart

If you are familiar with Google Calendar, you know how limited a web calendar can be. The CEITON Web Gantt chart enables a variety of comfortable and fast drag & drop operations with an incredible range of granularity.

The chart has the following characteristics:

  • High-performing for thousands of jobs
  • AJAX operations without reloading
  • Move, shrink & stretch and assign by drag & drop
  • Drag & drop interlinked resources for multiple resource assignment
  • Multi-selection
  • Scrolling enabled while dragging
  • Labeling
  • Customizable (field size, sort order)

In the workflow system, control is the central element for the scheduling of thousands of resources.

2. Web Tree Control

The CEITON tree control is a configurable tree that displays nested objects, similar to a file explorer. The tree control has some special features:

  • Nodes can be moved, created and deleted easily using drag & drop
  • Drag & drop operations are enabled overall by WinLIKE windows
  • Content can be loaded directly by AJAX
  • Objects can be changed by inline editing fields directly in tree
  • It is possible to switch between different views
  • Even with very many nodes the tree responds quickly

All features are configurable in different forms in order to customize the control to the particular use.

Within the CTWS workflow system the tree is used in various places, such as in the catalog of activities and in offer/invoice management and in the project configuration as a web-based product configurator e.g. for DVDs, Blu-ray or other products.

3. Web Window Manager


Websites and especially web applications have some common problems:

  1. Time-consuming reloads for every click
  2. Previous content disappears with every click
  3. No adaptation of the content to individual needs
  4. Only simple presentation of contents with each other

On the desktop, windows have been accepted for a long time. As more and more applications run on the Web, they also need windows. WinLIKE is a web window manager, which allows just that. The framework's patented technology is fully compatible with text browsers and search engines.

4. User Quotes

“I like to thank you for developing such great stuff, this causes a lot of delight to me. THANX!”

Marcus Kimpenhaus, Germany

“it's too good not to have!”

Bob Pardoe, UK

“just downloaded a WinLIKE yesterday — EXCELLENT product!”

Jaideep Chakraverty, India

“i love your product and am considering using it in one of my commercial projects”

Ed Harper, USA

“I like it a lot and it makes it easy for me to build a sophisticated interface.”

Shetil, Norway

“WinLIKE is awesome. It simply is.”

Tim Bellomo, USA

“I think that the WinLIKE is a very interesting, user-friendly and nice-looking program. Thanks a lot to its authors.”

Dr. Iveta Dzivite, Latvia

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Mark Schanovsky, Austria

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Andreas Oberhack, Germany

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Inacio Miranda, Brazil

“Congratz on the great WinLIKE! I fell in love with it the moment I saw the site. I fell madly in love with it when I downloaded the zip file LOADED with examples and tutorials. Great work!”

Lukas, Belgium

“For this past 2 night, I almost didn’t sleep. It because I was trying WinLIKE intensively. It has a nice framework to make an ordinary web-based application almost like desktop application. It can convert a plain HTML-page into windows. You should try it by your self!”

Emanuel Setio Dewo, Indonesia

“great bit of software!”

T. Janis, Canada

“We are experimenting with WinLike for a new release of our administration tools and are extremely pleased with the results so far. Great Job!”

Aaron Judd, USA

“WinLIKE is 1000 times better than the inhouse system”

Kevin Gill, Ireland

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Joe Webb, USA
Using AJAX technologies (asynchronous JavaScript and XML), one can reload content in web applications and websites without having to request the whole site again from the server.
WinLIKE is a patented technology from CEITON, which allows developers to build web applications, websites and portals that contain small windows, as one is used to it from the desktop.