What is CEITON?

CEITON is more efficient in Efficiency-Comparison

In short: Computers, emails, documents, apps – all of these are supposed to help us in our daily work. But IT continues to demand more from us: faster communications, more tasks, permanent availability and constant change. So we often spend more than 50 % of our time with stressful, manual information processing and coordination tasks. The CEITON system is there to give you back this time! It automates repetitive processes of all types with dynamic distributed workflows and provides transparency, planning certainty, and consistently provides more time for the actual work.



CEITON is a web-based software, which plans, controls and bills companies’ workflows. For this purpose, the software combines the two classical approaches of Production Planning and Control and Workflow Management into one fully integrated solution. Both large and small businesses use the system for various processes, including many media enterprises but also companies from other sectors.

The CEITON scheduling system encompasses planning and accounting for projects and their tasks, whereas the workflow management system comprises the information processing and workflow coordination of business processes. Both systems are seamlessly integrated (but can also be used independently) and are made up of the following modules:

The Scheduling system is primarily composed of:

  • Project management including billing and analysis
  • Multiple resource calendar functions (incl. Gantt charts)
  • Task allocation and time keeping (also mobile) for employees

The system covers, among other things, quotes and budgeting, material/asset management, resource management, ERP, integration of freelancers, customers and supply chains, human resource management, CRM, scheduling, time tracking, shift planning, quality management, supply and logistics, document management, analysis and monitoring, reporting, and all billing, payment and documentation processes.

The Workflow System has the following main modules:

  • Dynamic Workflow Engine for process definition
  • Dynamic Form Server for work steps for people
  • EAI module for data exchange with arbitrary systems

Based on the workflow platform any customer-specific process can be modeled in order to optimally plan, control, supervise and bill the particular business processes.

One of the special features of the system resulting from the combination of Scheduling and Workflow is the dynamism of the system, which enables the continuous adaptation of workflows, forms etc. to the various projects. Therefore, the system is suitable not only for ordinary or administrative workflows, but especially for complex and highly structured workflows – even across corporate boundaries to customers and suppliers.



CEITON = software for Workflow and Scheduling, to optimize all types of human and technical processes and to replace manual, error-prone and expensive work coordination, that takes place via emails, spreadsheets, tools, copy&paste, meetings, queries etc.

The system is mostly used by businesses with creative, ‘knowledge-based’ business processes, i.e. processes in which mostly people are involved and produce predominantly ‘virtual’ results, such as service provision or development. Customer sizes typically range from 10 employees to several thousand.

You can discover more about CEITON at www.ceiton.com, or request here more detailed information.