Highlights of CEITON Version 7.0

In January 2015, CEITON 7.0 was released and has since been successfully deployed for the first customers, both new and existing. CEITON 7.0 has numerous improvements, with three major enhancements in particular: 1) A new adaptive mobile time keeping module, 2) A new skin and improved layout, as well as 3) A central structural enhancement that brings better usability.


1. New Mobile Time-Tracking

New, Mobile-Time-Keeping CEITON Version 7An important functionality in a) the planning, b) controlling and c) accounting of core business processes is the involvement of employees and freelancers in all three subjects. They can request work schedules and vacation times, receive and process work orders, and evaluate efforts of time and materials for various billing purposes. To this end, the time tracking module in CEITON has been completely re-developed in version 7.

The aim of the development efforts was to replace parts of the existing web interface with a new technology that provides several new features, in particular, the ability to automatically adjust to any screen size on any device (from iPhone/Blackberry/Android on phones and tablets, up to desktops on Macs, workstations/servers and PCs). Read more details about the new interface in our September 2014 announcement at IBC.

Whether on the road or in the office, one can create and edit shifts, tasks and/or proposals with unparalleled ease. In connection with this, invoices (including records of work performed for customer projects or project phases) can be automatically created. All of this takes also into account the requirements of larger organizations, such as personnel vacation and payroll accounts, collective bargaining agreements and synchronizing with ERP systems like SAP.


2. Preview of Latest Design

CEITON New Skin of Version 7Just as the Time Tracking Module got a completely new user interface, the main CEITON system will get a substantially refreshed design and a revised layout in the upcoming version 7.5 over the course of 2015. The central aim of this is primarily to replace the remaining grey tones and the current blue-yellow contrast with new, fresher colors, as well as to depict all the graphic elements, such as menus and icons, in a new more modern look. Secondly, the layout of forms, including the field alignment/grouping, spacing and highlighting, for example, will also be modified to get more clarity and tranquility into each screen. Not only will the explicitly graphical screens look nice, but even normal forms will take on a particular elegance.

A preview of the new skin will be introduced to the public for the first time in April at NAB in Las Vegas.


3. Simplified Task Management

CEITON is used by our customers, in many cases, to basically fulfill orders. This enables their customers to order services and/or to get quotes and after any necessary approvals, tasks (or work orders) can then be scheduled/assigned to various employees, suppliers or technical systems. These tasks can be created directly in the standard version of CEITON for small customers, or can be custom designed as workflow forms for more complex processes.

Until now, in the standard version of CEITON (without workflows), an item in a quotation or invoice corresponded with one task. In version 7, a separation of this central object was introduced, so that there is now a fundamental difference between items and tasks. This allows, for example, a single item to contain different tasks for completion. While this was already possible using package functionality, it was not explicitly designed for that usage, and was previously more an awkward workaround.

The new CEITON 7.0 also reduces the complexity in the operation of price lists and order management so that better results in terms of visualization and transparency can be achieved with less setup effort and fewer clicks.


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